A patent registration saves the owner of the patent from all the risks and loss of profit he might face in case the other companies use the same technology. It has, therefore, become vital for anyone to file a patent if he/she has discovered something new. For filing a patent can be made either directly or indirectly. The legal representative of the inventor is also entitled to file it on his behalf. The applicant is a national of any country. A ‘patent filing’ can either be made directly at the patent office or it can either be made by national phase PCT application or it can either be filed in the form of a conventional application. The following steps must be followed in the process of filing a patent.

  1. The invention (idea or concept) must be written down with as many details as possible.
  2. The businessman must include drawings, diagrams, or sketches explaining the working of the invention.
  3. The businessman is required to check whether the invention is a patentable subject matter or not.
  4. Patentability search
  5. The businessman must then decide if he has to go ahead with the patent.
  6. The inventor is then required to draft an application.
  7. The investor then has to do the publication of the patent application.
  8. Request for examination
  9. The inventor is then required to respond to objections.
  10. She/he has to clear all the objections then.
  11. Grant of patent

Patent registration can be a lengthy affair but not with LegalRaasta. The cost of filing a patent is as follows:

Provisional Patent

  • Small Company – Rs. 34,959
  • Large Company – Rs. 38,959

Permanent Patent

  •  An individual without early publication – Rs. 44,999
  • An individual with early publication – Rs. 49,999
  • Small Co. without early publication – Rs. 49,999
  • Small Co. with early publication – Rs.59,999
  • Large Co. without early publication – Rs. 54,999
  • Large Co. with early publication-Rs 69,999

Why range?

This is because the cost of filing a patent depends on the type of patent you are filing and the effort that goes in. You can save up to 30% on cost with LegalRaasta.

What is included in our package?

  1. Prior Art Search
  2. Application Drafting
  3. Application Filing
  4. Government Fees

This is the lowest price in which you can file a patent from one of the leading firms in the business. We will do your work in a week and give you a hassle-free environment.

The benefits of choosing LegalRaasta are:

  1. 30+ Offices in India
  2. 10+ Years of Experience
  3. Economical & Fast
  4. Money-Back Guarantee

You can easily get your provisional and permanent patent registered for under 25k provisionally and under 45k respectively.

Understanding the overall cost structure relating to applying for a patent can help in developing some important decisions. Hence, apart from having the generic idea about the total cost, it helps if you are aware of the breakdown of the costs related to a patent and circumstances of incurring such expenses. The overall cost of obtaining a patent includes a statutory fee that has to be paid to the patent office and the professional fee paid to the service provider of the patent. The professional fee varies based on the service provider that you may select. Hence, this article is totally based on a statutory fee.

In this, the most important factor in filing a patent application is drafting a patent specification which is a highly-skilled job. The preparation and drafting of the patent application can only be performed by persons who have expertise in both technical as well as in patent law. If an individual or company is serious about protecting their intellectual property, then it is highly recommended to use the services provided by the professional patent practitioners.

The statutory fee is dependent upon the applicant of whom the patent is. The Indian Patent Office (IPO) has generally categorized the applicants into the following 4 classes:

  1. Natural individual
  2. Startup
  3. Others – Small Entity
  4. Others- except small Entity

Any person applying for a patent is considered as a natural person. Whereas, all the other entities that do not fall under the first category, belongs to the remaining three categories of:

  1. Startup(s)
  2. Small Entity
  3. Other than small Entity

For instance, legal entities, such as companies would fall under these categories. Here, a patent application may have more than one applicant, and even if one of the applicants does not belong to the first category of applicant, then the patent application is subjected to be filed by the remaining applicants who are other than a natural individual such as startup(s), small entity and other than small entities. Also, the patent office charges the minimum fee for the applicants who are startups and natural persons in which certain conditions must be met to qualify as startup companies.

The patent office charges a fee for individuals other than the natural person who is considered as a small entity and is between the natural person/startup and others except small the entity. Whereas, the patent office charges a maximum fee for applicants of other than the natural person who is others except for small entity or startup. The patent office usually collects twice the cost from the applicants who are other than a natural individual – except for small entities as compared to the individuals who fall under the category of a small entity other than a natural person. However, some conditions should be met by applicants other than a natural person, who wants to claim a “small entity” status.

In this article, here’s a list down of the fee applicable to all the categories of applicants. The fee mentioned below is for online or E-filing of applications only. The patent office charges an additional fee of 10% of the total charges if the filing is done by offline mode. If the application is not filed by online mode and is done physically, then he supposed to calculate the fee, at the additional fee of 10% of the total cost.

Provisional Patent

Type of Patent LegalRaasta Patent Fee
Entity Small Entity  Large Entity
Provisional Patent Rs.34,959 Rs.38,959
Permanent Patent
(With Early Publication) Rs.59,999 Rs.69,999
(Without Early Examination) Rs.49,999 Rs.54,999

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