Steps to Start an Online Business

Online business is the kind of business activity that happens over the internet. Through Online Business the owner gets the opportunity to reach the maximum number of customers. This gives the advantage to sell a maximum of its services to a maximum number of customers.

Given below are the steps to Start an Online Business in India:

Step 1: Setting up the Business:

Know your product

Starting an Online Business gives the benefit of having access to millions of customers, but it also has a lot more competition. No matter what you’re trying to sell, you can bet that hundreds more online retailers have a similar idea. What differentiates your product from other similar products? To help your product stand apart from the rest, you’ll need to find a niche. Niche means to know what target customers you should choose. Therefore the owner should choose the product which is not similar or is not already existing in the market.

    Step 2: Get your Online Business Register

    business register

    The business needs to get registered according to the respective state’s laws. Select an official business name. As well as complete the appropriate paperwork to make your business official.

    1. Before you complete your company registration, it can help to have a business plan laid out. Consider the production costs that are needed to be implemented on the business, shipping costs, taxes, and web hosting fees, etc.
    2. Know the business regulations in the respective state, and be sure to comply when you get things up and running.

    Step 3: Register for a Domain Name

    Register for Domain Name

    Choose the name of your business. Go for something short and catchy that will be easy for people to remember. Visit the website of a domain registration company and test out some of the names that you are interested in to determine whether they’re available or not. After the successful selection of a good name, go ahead and register it. Therefore, for an Online Business, the owner must use a unique name for its website.

    Step 4: Get a Web Hosting Service

    Several free web hosting services are easily accessible. For running an online business for the long-term consider paying for one that offers all the services you need. Then you will be less likely to run into problems when the business accelerates. Choose a hosting service that allows for growth.

    Some hosting services are highly structured, allowing you to choose from different templates to create a website quite easily. Others allow you to do your own programming, giving you greater flexibility.

    Step 5: Create a Stylish and Functional website

    Create a stylish website

    Give an Elegant and classy name to your online store that should reflect what you’re selling. No matter what your style is but it is important to display a professional environment through your website that helps the website is easy and quick selling. Therefore, the site should be engaging and user-friendly.

    Step 6: Get the E-commerce Software

    There are some requirements for starting the Online Business along with the purchase of an E-commerce Software. This is a facility for your customers with which they can view all the products, enter their information, make a secure purchase, and can feel secure with the payment portals. The software safely stores customer information. Taking care of the security of the payments made by the customers should be firstly preferred by the owner of the business.

    Step 7: Setting up the Merchant Account

    merchant account

    Earlier the online businesses had to generally rely on cheque or cash for the payment mode. Setting up an entire credit card processing system was a difficult and expensive task. Presently the services such as PayTm are making the billing facilities hassle-free and help the businesses to accept the payments virtually along with dispute resolution services.

    Step 8: Add Attractive content to your site

    Add catchy content

    The best way to attract most of the customers for your site is to Focus on the key areas of expertise and display them professionally. There should be catchy as well as relevant content on the website. The content should not be irrelevant or not related to the topic. Much having potential employers contact references, opt for the best and potential clients as possible. Include all the required descriptions for the product that is visible for selling.

    Step 9: Promote the site Socially

    Social Media (2)

    Whatever the business is, whatever the venue is, keeping the name of the business is key to success. Make a business account on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, etc. If the business is graphics-oriented, accounts on Flickr and Tumblr are also important. These accounts should be well posted about all the current happenings concerning the business’s concerned industry. Make sure that all the services or the products are being cross-posted to all the social media sites.

    Step 10: Add Google AdSense advertisements to the website


    For any type of website: small, medium or large, Google’s AdSense is a revenue-generating opportunity that displays multiple ads of goods and services which are related to the site. These ads target the people who frequently visit these websites and help the owner earn through these ads whenever someone clicks on these ads.


    The online business is a beneficial choice for the owner as it provides a large profit-making platform if the website becomes popular. There is multiple additional revenue-generating software like AdSense. However, the owner must take care of the security of the payment portal.

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