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What is a Private Limited Company?

A private limited company is a closely held company with restrictions to issue shares to the public. Thus that it cannot go for an IPO or list their shares on the stock exchange for public trading of their shares. Private Limited Company Registration in Gurugram is ideal for Startups who:-

  • Want a Separate Legal Entity with Limited Liability and Perpetual Succession.
  • Want to go for seed funding.
  • Want to issue ESOP’s to their employees.

Registering a private limited company gives protection to the personal assets, financial assistance, access to more resources and greater tax cuts.

Benefits of Private Limited Company Registration in Gurugram

The global startup ecosystem has noticed that the city has produced some of the most promising businesses. The budding financial and industrial sectors in Gurugram are prospering, making it a promising arena for catapulting startups.

Opportunities in all Sectors

Gurgaon, based in the National Capital Region (NCR) of Delhi is an industrial hub. The city has managed to become a home for over 250 Fortune 500 companies. The assorted international companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, IBM, Microsoft, American Express, Bank of America, and alike are headquartered here.


Gurgaon is a leading financial and industrial city of India, situated in the National Capital Region near the Indian capital New Delhi in the state of Haryana. As per ASSOCHAM analysis once a small industry agricultural village, Gurgaon has now emerged to become the city with the third-highest per capita income in India.

Funding and Investment

Since it is the business hub and the center of innovation and research, for several startups, the investors are showing their regular interest in the investment of new ideas and Young Entrepreneurs.

Ease of business

In Gurgaon, economic growth is often the product of a private sector improvising to overcome the inadequacies of the government. Gurgaon, located about 15 miles south of the national capital, New Delhi, would seem to have everything functioning; reliable electricity or water; and public sidewalks, adequate parking, decent roads or any citywide system of public transportation.

Advantages of Private Limited Company Registration

    • The separate legal entity provides immunity to the owner’s personal property or assets in case of bankruptcy.
    • The freedom to easily add or remove members in the company comes with perpetual succession. There won’t be any harm to the company’s existence.
    • Investors are willing to invest in a private limited company.
    • Registration of a private limited company requires a minimum of just 2 members.
    • Banks easily sanction loans to private limited companies.
    • Private Limited Company is your best option if you want to expand your company and take it on a global level. Private limited companies and limited companies are the only types of companies that allow 100% Foreign Direct Investment in the international market.
    • The Directors are also usually the main shareholders of the Company. Hence both the ownership and control of the business remain in their hands.
    • The scope of capital expansion as a maximum number of shareholders allowed is 50.
    • Employee stock option program (ESOP) is a source of extra motivation beyond salary. As a result, employees will also have vested interest in the success of the company.

Why choose us for Private Limited Company Registration in Gurugram

We promise undivided attention to you, when you choose us for Private Limited Company Registration in Gurugram. Our team of experts ensures that your work is carried out with accuracy and detail. Our CRM system is designed in a way to provide tracking to each client about their work status and hence ensures quick completion of tasks. Our experienced support staff will help you at every stage of your work and advise you wherever needed.

Private Limited Company Registration Package in Gurugram includes:

  • DIN for 2 Directors
  • DSC for 2 Directors
  • Name search & approval
  • ROC Fees & Pan card

Procedure for Private Limited Company Registration in Gurugram

Documents for Private Limited Company Registration in Gurugram

    • Copy of PAN Card of directors
    • Passport size photograph of directors
    • Copy of Aadhaar Card/ Voter identity card of directors
    • Copy of Rent agreement (If rented property)
    • Electricity/ Water bill (Business Place)
    • Copy of Property papers(If owned property)
    • Landlord NOC (Format will be provided)

Steps for Private Limited Company Registration

Step 1: Acquire Digital Signature (DSC)

The Private Limited company registration procedure is completely online and hence it requires digital signature for private limited company registration in gurugram. It is mandatory for subscribers and directors to have a valid DSC ( Class II or III). You can get a DSC from us in just one day. It is already included in our package. If directors already have DSC this step can be skipped.

Step 2: Apply for DIN (Director Identification Number)

Anyone who wants to be a director in a company has to apply for DIN if he doesn’t have one already. One DIN can be used to become a director in any number of companies. It can be obtained either by filing DIR-3 or directly through SPICe at the time of incorporation.

Step 3: Apply for Name Approval

Names can be submitted for approval through the Name Approval form or together with SPICe (INC-32) at the time of incorporation. If Name is not approved in first chance then you can file for a resubmission or file the SPICe form again. This whole process takes 2-3 days. Please note that DSC and DIN shall not be required for filling of the Name Approval form for reservation of name. Only MCA Account is mandatory.

Step 4: Form SPICe (INC-32)

Complete the application in INC-32 after getting it digitally attested from a Chartered Account or a Company Secretary or an Advocate in practice.

Step 5: e-MoA(INC-33) and e-AoA (INC-34)

Before the introduction of SPICe, these forms were required to file physically but now they can be filed online at the MCA portal along with SPICe ( INC-32). These forms must be digitally signed by subscribers to MOA and AOA. If all the details are duly filled and all the requisite documents are attached the registrar will issue a certificate of Incorporation and CIN (Corporate Identity Number) will be allotted to the company.

Step 6: PAN and TAN Application

Once you receive the certificate of Incorporation apply for PAN and TAN as they would be required for opening a bank account. You can also apply for the same along with INC-32 at the time of incorporation.