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Private Limited Company Registration in Kolkata

A Company is an association of persons who share common goals. Moreover the owners of the company pool their resources in order to achieve their common goals. A private limited company is a closely held company with restriction to issue shares to public. Thus that it cannot go for an IPO or list their shares on stock exchange for public trading of their shares. Private Limited Company in Kolkata is regulated by the Companies Act, 2013 and administered by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

There are numerous benefits of a Private Limited Company Registration as compared to other forms of companies. A private limited company is the most preferred form of business entity for startups. The owner of the business holds all the shares of the company privately. Shareholders may operate the business themselves, or hire directors to manage the company on their behalf. Registering a private limited company gives protection to the personal assets, financial assistance, access to more resources and greater tax cuts.

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Private Limited Company Registration Process

Fill Up Application Form

Complete our Simple

Complete our Simple

You need to fill our simple company registration form and submit documents for formation of a company.

Obtain DSC
DPIN from us

Obtain DSC and
DPIN from us

After submitting your documents we will provide you with DSC and DPIN.

Executive will Process Application

Verifcation &
Name Approval

Verifcation &
Name Approval

Details provided by you will be verified and then we shall apply for name approval.



We will create all the required documents and file them with ROC on your behalf..

Get Confirmation on Mail

Get Confirmation By
our Team

Get Confirmation By
our Team

We will create all the required documents and file them with ROC on your behalf.

Benefits for Registeration

The new fashion of startups is prospering in the capital city of Bengal as well. Undoubtedly Kolkata has a vast potential for hosting startups because of the fresh and new sector in the city.As West Bengal is remaking its future optimally utilizing its limitless human capital in a strategic and planned manner, it is on its way to be on the radar for India’s growth engine.


Everyone from businessmen, investors, government to the public are slowly getting in terms with the startup culture and trying to establish themselves in order to contribute to the market.


Top Indian companies like ITC Limited, National Insurance Company, Exide Industries, Coal India Limited, and Britania Industries are based in the beautiful city of Kolkata.

Funding and Investment

The NASSCOM Warehouse Co-Working Space located in Saltlake has partnered with the Bengal State Government to attract new business ventures. The major setback for the city’s growth is the absence of a strong investor base along with complicated bureaucratic problems.

Ease of business

Kolkata has connectivity to two international airports. It has more than 200 industrial parks in planning stage and in existence in West Bengal, which includes hubs for chemicals, textiles and food processing industry.

Package Included

DIN for 2 Directors
DSC for 2 Directors
Name search & approval
ROC Fees & Pan card

Mandatory compliances Private Limited Company

The following list presents you with the mandatory compliances of a Private Limited Company every year:

  • An auditor must be appointed by the company
  • There should be at least one AGM (Annual General Meeting) and at least 4 board meetings (one in each quarter).
  • The books of the company must be audited by an independent auditor
  • In addition to this, the company shall file the form AOC-4 and MGT-7 as a part of annual compliance within a specified time frame.
  • There should be annual filing of the ITR
  • There should be annual filings to the registrar of the companies as well.

Steps for Private Limited Company Registration

Step 1: Acquire Digital Signature (DSC)

The Private Limited Company Registration in Kolkata procedure is completely online and hence it requires digital signature to incorporate a private limited company. It is mandatory for subscribers and directors to have a valid DSC ( Class II or III). You can get a DSC from us in just one day. It is already included in our package. If directors already have DSC this step can be skipped.

Step 2: Apply for DIN (Director Identification Number)

Anyone who wants to be a director in a company has to apply for DIN if he doesn’t have one already. One DIN can be used to become a director in any number of companies. It can be obtained either by filing DIR-3 or directly through SPICe at the time of incorporation.

Step 3: Apply for Name Approval

Names can be submitted for approval through the Name Approval form or together with SPICe (INC-32) at the time of incorporation. If Name is not approved in first chance then you can file for a resubmission or file the SPICe form again. This whole process takes 2-3 days. Please note that DSC and DIN shall not be required for filling of the Name Approval form for reservation of name. Only MCA Account is mandatory.

Step 4: Form SPICe (INC-32)

Complete the application in INC-32 after getting it digitally attested from a Chartered Account or a Company Secretary or an Advocate in practice.

Step 5: e-MoA (INC-33) and e-AoA (INC-34)

Before the introduction of SPICe, these forms were required to file physically but now they can be filed online at the MCA portal along with SPICe ( INC-32). These forms must be digitally signed by subscribers to MOA and AOA. If all the details are duly filled and all the requisite documents are attached the registrar will issue a certificate of Incorporation and CIN (Corporate Identity Number) will be allotted to the company.

Step 6: PAN and TAN application

Once you receive the certificate of Incorporation apply for PAN and TAN as they would be required for opening a bank account. You can also apply for the same along with INC-32 at the time of incorporation.


  • The separate legal entity provides immunity to the owner’s personal property or assets in case of bankruptcy.
  • The freedom to easily add or remove members in the company comes with perpetual succession. There won’t be any harm to the company’s existence.
  • Investors are willing to invest in a private limited company.
  • Registration of a private limited company requires a minimum of just 2 members.
  • Banks easily sanction loans to private limited companies.
  • Private Limited Company is your best option if you want to expand your company and take it on a global level. Private limited companies and limited companies are the only types of companies that allow 100% Foreign Direct Investment in the international market.
  • The Directors are also usually the main shareholders of the Company. Hence both the ownership and control of the business remain in their hands.
  • The scope of capital expansion as a maximum number of shareholders allowed is 50.
  • Employee stock option program (ESOP) is a source of extra motivation beyond salary. As a result, employees will also have vested interest in the success of the company.

Documents Required

  • Copy of PAN Card of directors
  • Passport size photograph of directors
  • Copy of Aadhaar Card/ Voter identity card of directors
  • Copy of Rent agreement (If rented property)
  • Electricity/ Water bill (Business Place)
  • Copy of Property papers(If owned property)
  • Landlord NOC (Format will be provided)


Private “Company registration” is a service, which our firm provides. Private Limited Company registration is one of the most popular form of a “legal structure” for all businesses in India. A “Pvt Ltd.” company is incorporated under the “Companies Act 2013” and is governed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

You can get your “Private limited company” registered using our expert services. The process takes 10-15 days. You are supposed to just fill a 10-minute Questionnaire for this.

We charge Rs.6,999 to carry out the process of registration of your Private Company. And there are no hidden costs.

Step 1: Obtaining Digital Signature (DSC) and DPIN
Step 2: Application of DPIN
Step 3: Name approval
Step 4: Form SPICe
Step 5: e-MoA (INC-33) and e-AoA (INC-34)
Step 6: PAN and TAN application

The following is the list of documents required to get your Private Company Registered:

ID proof and address proof
• Copy of PAN card of directors
• Passport size photograph of directors
• Copy of Aadhaar card/voter identity card of directors

Registered office proof
• Copy of rent agreement (in case of rented property)
• Electricity/water bill (in case of business place)
• Copy of Property papers (in case of owned property)
• Landlord NOC (we will provide the format for this)

The pre-requisites for the incorporation of a “Private Limited Company” are as follows: • At least 2 directors and 2 shareholders are required • The members associated should be between “2-200”. • Every director should have a DPIN. • A copy of PAN card of all the shareholders/Directors or Copy of passport (for NRIs only).

Once the filing of the documents is through, the ROC calls the attorney on a specific date for scrutiny and makes the necessary changes in the “MoA and AoA”, which have been filed. After this is done, the Certificate of Incorporation is granted to the company.

After the registration of the company, the following conditions should be fulfilled: • Current account should be opened within 30 days of PAN registration. • Appoint a Statutory Auditor. • The paid-up capital should be deposited as mentioned at the time 0f registration. • Issue and allotment of shares.

No, there is no such requirement. Any person can start a business at their “Place of residence or even in their garage”.

• A company limited by shares. • Unlimited company. • A company limited by guarantee.

You need to have a minimum capital of Rs.1,00,000 to start a private limited company. You need not have this amount in hand or your bank account. You can show this amount as the pre-incorporation expense of the start-up. Also, you can show the capital as an amount which has been infused in the assets.

If it has been mentioned in the “MoA” and approved by the registrar of the company, then only it is possible to carry out multiple businesses. The businesses could be in the same field or different. Though, unrelated activities like event management and fashion designing cannot be registered under the same company.

There are only 2 conditions for anyone to be a director of a Private Limited Company. These are: 1. He/she should be 18 years or older 2. He/she requires a DIN (Director Identification Number)

Your company needs at least 2 directors to get itself registered as a “Private limited company”.

Yes, for sure. You can become the director of any type of company. But you need to go through the employment rules and make sure they allow you to do so.

You are only responsible for the extent of your investment in the company. Personal assets are not to be procured in case of bankruptcy.

Of course, a private Limited Company is eligible to make FDIs in India.

A digital signature is just like a hand signature, but in this case, it is used for the purpose of being affixed with the computerized reports. A DSC provides validity to the signature.

It is only possible if you provide sufficient proof of it. The address to be provided shall be of the place from where the company receives important information (if any) from the MCA or any other concerned authorities.

“MoA” contains the details of the main, ancillary/ subsidiary, and other objects from the proposed company. While “ AoA” contains the details of the rules and procedures for the routine conduct of the proposed company. “AoA” also contains the details of the authorized share capital and the name of it’s first/permanent directors.

Multiple compliances need to be fulfilled by a private limited company which are: • The company must appoint an auditor. • The company should conduct at least “one AGM (Annual General Meeting) and 4 board meetings (one in each quarter)”. • An auditor must audit the books of the company. • Furthermore, a company shall fill the form AOC-4 and MGT-7 as a part of annual compliance, within the specified time frame. • There should be annual filing of the “ITR” with the “Registrar of Companies (RoC)”.

Business structure Tax rate Effective tax rate
Domestic company: (Base rate) (Base rate+ surcharge + CESS)
Not availing any exemptions or incentives 22% 25.17%
Manufacturing companies incorporated after 1st October 2019 and not availing any incentives or exemptions 15% 17.16%
Availing any incentives or exemptions 25% 25%+ surcharge + CESS (4%)
In any other case 30% 30%+ surcharge + CESS (4%)

A “Private Limited Company” is easy to grow and to expand more. • This type of company has greater stability. • It protects the owner’s assets in the case of bankruptcy. • Attracts more clients. • It is easier to procure bank loans and investments from the investors. • It is very easy to sell a Private Limited Company, as there is very little documentation required and the cost involved in the procedure is not very high. • Only corporation tax is charged (which is usually lower than the other forms of taxes)

No, we do not charge any extra amount from our clients. Our fees is inclusive of all the taxes and charges involved.

The whole process is online. So, a person needn’t go anywhere for the procedure of registration. You are required to send in your documents via email and fill up our questionnaire to get it done.


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