Ministry of Corporate Affairs is the government portal that has the details of every registered company, LLP, etc with them. One can easily check whether company registration is done or not. It is used to check the genuineness of the company. Every company details like date of incorporation, details of directors and other members, type of company, registration number, type of company, the signatory of the company, etc. are easily available on the website.

There are following easy steps to check the company details without paying any charges

  • Visit the Ministry of Corporate Affairs Website

Company registration

  • Then click on MCA Services under that, click on Check Company Name.

company details

  • Enter the correct company name in the search box avoiding using short forms.

If the company is registered then, the dialogue box will appear containing the given information

  • Master data of the company can also be checked under the Company/ LLP master plancompany details
  • Hereunder, in the search box enter the Corporate Identity Number (CIN) of the company and captcha code.

company details

The result will show the following details of the company:

  • Class of Company
  • Authorized Capital
  • Date of incorporation
  • ROC-Code
  • Last date of Anual General Meeting
  • Registered Address
  • Paid-up Capital
  • Assets undercharge
  • List and Details of all the Directors/Signators details
  • All the charges against any bank or any financial institution

company details

One can easily go through the information provided by MCA online. It will help customers to have an overview of the company and provides basic knowledge about the company’s working area. Print out of this page can also be easily taken out.

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