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Strike off of a company under companies act 2013

Overview Strike off Company under companies act 2013 means canceling the name of the company from the ROC register. The MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) has revised the procedure to have the name struck off. These provisions related to strike off of companies gives an opportunity to the companies to get their names struck off [...]

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All you need to know about rni india

What do you mean by rni India? RNI is known as the Registrar of the Newspapers for India. In India, newspapers are the influential source of broadcasting resources, primarily native newspapers. The foremost example of such newspapers is Hindustan Times and Times of India. They are the most popular one and also appears in the following [...]


ROC Full form and how to comply with ROC under companies act

About ROC full form ROC full form or Registrar of Companies manages the direction and administers the working of various companies registered under the Companies Act,1956 and the Companies Act, 2013. The ROC has an obligation to ensure that the companies are properly enrolled and the records & data entered are precise and accurate. The [...]


Non-disclosure Agreement in india

Meaning of Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) A legal contract that specifies the information and details to continue to be private and detailed. Moreover introduces the restrictions and limitations for a declaration to 3rd parties are called as NDA. A Non-disclosure Agreement can be approved and signed among a person and organisation. Non-disclosure agreements are usually created to guard [...]


Top Indian Cities to Pitch Startup Registrations

Since the last two decades, the startup culture is advancing popularity across the world. India, the world's seventh largest economy in terms of GDP and the third largest in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP), is also claiming a rank in the emerging startup world. After 2005 there is a sudden surge in startup [...]

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Annual Compliances of One Person Company(OPC)

One Person Company Annual Compliances refers to the filing of various documents on an annual basis. One person company can be formed by one person only, who can act as a director as well as a shareholder. There were no provisions of forming a One Person Company in the Old Companies Act 1956. with [...]

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The Companies (Registration of Charges) Amendment Rules, 2018

Registration of Charge Once Registration of charges is made, it turns into the obligation of the organization to enlist those accuses to the Registrar of Companies. Alongside the archives that make a charge over the organization. According to the Companies Act, 2013, mentioned below are accompanying charges made on an organization must be enlisted with [...]

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The Companies (Registration Offices and Fees) Third Amendment Rules, 2018

Companies (Registration Offices and Fees) Third Amendment Rules, 2018 The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has vide notification dated June 12, 2018, has notified Companies (Registration Offices and Fees) Third Amendment Rules, 2018 by which format of Form DIR-3 and Form DIR-6 has been updated G.S.R. 558(E). Therefore, In exercise of the forces presented by  149 [...]

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Chit Fund Company and its Registration Process

Chit Fund Company A Chit Funds is a prominent kind of investment funds that operate in India as a principal part of the disorderly currency advertise industry. As well as Chit stores give access to investment funds and borrowings for individuals with constrained access to managing account offices. Thus, Chit stores are controlled by Chit [...]

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