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What is LLP Registration ?

LLP is a legal entity where all the partners have limited and disjoint liability.LLP’s existence is not affected due to the change in partners. It can hold contracts and enter into the property in its own name.

LLP registration is easier with post registration compliances less in comparison to a body corporate and unlike partnership where liability is unlimited LLPs limit the liability of partners to the extent of their capital contribution.

Benefits of LLP Registration in Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the biggest economical city of India. It is a good choice for businesses as the city is the residence to almost all the big names related to Finance.


Mumbai is the largest city by population. It is also the finance and commerce capital of the country as almost all the billionaires reside there with the name saying Tatas, Ambanis, and who not. The city provides a great opportunity for start-ups related to animation, entertainment, or business industries.


Since Mumbai is a city of 18 million people, hence it promises you a well-sized marketplace for the entrepreneurial communities. This means that you have a good option to grow your business in such a huge market-place.

VC Funding

Mumbai accounts for 40% of the Indian trade with the existence of Tata groups, RBI, etc. These big names also act as big financers. Also, there are a number of more big names and banks that are interested in providing investment and funds to great business ideas.

Ease of Business

This city provides you with a business environment and almost all the resources required for running a business hassle-free. You can easily perform your business operations here without any problem but with a single condition that you are following all the legal obligations carefully.

Our offices being located all over India including we assist startups and new or existing businesses in setting up their company and provide all the post registration services all well. Here is why you should choose us for your LLP Registration in Mumbai.

Why choose us for LLP Registration in Mumbai?

When you choose us as your service provider for LLP Registration in Mumbai we promise undivided attention to you. Our team of experts ensures that your work is carried out with accuracy and detail. Our CRM system is designed in a way to provide tracking to each client about their work status and hence ensures quick completion of tasks. Our experienced support staff will help you at every stage of your work and advise you wherever needed. Our services do not end at registration. We provide Bookkeeping, Licensing, Auditing, Annual Filing and tax filing services. You can outsource us all and focus on your core business operations.

What Is Included In Our LLP Registration in Mumbai Package?

  • DPIN for 2 Partners
  • Digital Signature For 2 Partners
  • Name search & approval
  • LLP Agreement
  • ROC Fees & Pan Card
  • Free accounting software & GST filing

Minimum Requirements for LLP Registration in Mumbai

  • There should be a minimum of 2 partners.
  • There is no capital requirement, i.e. partners are allowed to start their LLP from any amount of capital.
  • 1 Indian Native Partner is necessary.

Documents Required for LLP Registration in Mumbai:

  • PAN Card
  • DIN or DPIN – Director identification number or the designated partnership identification number
  • Identity proof
  • Address Proof
  • Utility Bill of the Registered Office
  • No Object Certificate from the Property owner
  • Copy of Rental Agreement
  • Digital Signature Certificate

Advantages of LLP Registration in Mumbai

Since, LLP is a hybrid of a company and a partnership it has combination of plus points of both a company and a partnership. Some of those points are listed below as to why you should go for LLP Registration in Mumbai:

  • Separate Legal Entity
  • Limited Liability
  • Low cost of setup
  • Lesser compliance requirements as compared to a company
  • Dis-joint liability – partners are protected from joint liability created by another partner’s wrongful acts or misconduct.
  • Tax Benefits i.e. LLP would be taxed in the same way as a traditional partnership firm
  • Perpetual Succession
  • There is no maximum limit for the number of shareholders in the Limited Liability Partnership.

Procedure For LLP Registration