It is a unique identification number with reference to the provisions of the Companies Act. Sections 266A to 266G in pursuance of Section 154 and section 155. To every individual planning to be the Director of a Company. The fact behind the introduction of these sections to ensure the identification of the Director. Also for promoting accountability and transparency in the case of unfair practices by the Directors of the Company. It also helps to keep the account of the association of the Director with other companies he is in association with. That is through the provision that DIN is person-specific, thus a DIN helps keep track of all the companies. It is mandatory for a person who wishes to register a company.

To apply for it, the individual needs to register with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Then download the form DIR-3 and start the online e-filing procedure. It is imperative to note here that, DIN can only be obtained by a natural person and not by an artificial person or a legal entity.


The particulars of the form include-

  1. Applicant’s full name
  2. Father’s Name
  3. Place of Birth
  4. Email-id
  5. Mobile Number
  6. Educational Qualification details
  7. High –Resolution Passport size photo
  8. PAN Card
  9. Address Proof: Voter-ID, Driving License, Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Aadhar Card.
  10. Bank Statement


These documents would be subsequently verified to ensure that all the particulars mentioned in the form match the uploaded documents. In uploading proof of residence and Bank Statement, it is mandatory to note that the documents, receipts. Etc., should not be more than two months old.

It is also imperative to note that the form needs to sign digitally which means that it’s necessary for the applicant to obtain a digital signature certificate for getting a DIN. It also needs to get sign by a practicing CA/CS/Cost Accountant working with the ICSI.

After filling the online form, the applicant needs to register themself on the MCA Portal to receive a user Log-In Id and Password (maximum 11 characters long) to complete the rest of the procedure. once you receive the Log-In I’d the applicant needs to log in and upload the filled e-form DIR-3 and pay the requisite fees by online method. After this, a DIN will generate automatically if all the verification is found to be true.

In the case of any discrepancies, a provisional DIN will be generated subsequent to which the DIN Cell will review the matter, and the same would be ratified within one-two working days.

To assure smooth approval of DIN, the applicant must take care that the Pan details match the details given by him in the form. The receipts given should not be more than two months old. The supporting documents are authorized well, both the self-attested and professional ones, and that all documents are valid. Since the verification of the documents is digital, it is important to ensure that all the spellings are correct and no inadvertent errors have crept in.

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Why is DIN important?

There can be a situation when a startup obtains funds from the investors and escapes away with the money. To stop such frauds and malpractices. DIN number is given to directors of the existing as well as companies applied for company registration so that their activities can be taken care of.

DIN number always keeps a check on the individual if he is always under the vigilance of corporate ministry. They can never indulge in fraud or any miss-activities.  If they are found guilty for any such crime or in any wrongdoing, they can be punished.

Just like a company needs registration, a director needs a DIN number for his authentication.

Correction in DIN number

If you need to make any change in the address. Or if you want to update any other sort of information in your DIN records. Fill Form DIN-6 and submit online through the MCA 21 website from your account. Once your detail’s successful updation changes must be notified to the company and ROC asap.

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