Let us Hyderabadis show some compassion for the poor and the needy. We have a lot to offer to those in need. You can do your bit by organizing yourself into a Section 8 Company and letting loose the warm winds of freedom. Freedom from hunger, freedom from poverty, freedom from poor education. Get your Section 8 Company Registration in Hyderabad today with company registration online.

Section 8 Company Registration in Hyderabad Process:

Section 8 Company Registration in Hyderabad with the help of company registration online.

First of all, go to company registration online and click the ‘Form a business’ option. Next click on “Section 8 Company” and the process begins.

Step 01: Fill the Section 8 Company Registration in Hyderabad Form

Fill in the text boxes with your contact details and click on proceed.

Section 8 company registration in Bengaluru

Step 02: New Company or Existing Company:

Tell us which company do you want a Section 8 Licence, a new company, or an existing company. Select the appropriate option button. Next, Select the State as “Telangana” and type the city name as “Hyderabad”.

Section 8 company registration in Bengaluru

Step 03: Getting a Section 8 Company Licence for a New Company

If you want to form a new company, fill in the name that you want, for the company. Please give us two alternate names in case your first choice name is rejected by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. You can fill in the two extra names in their order of preference. You must think carefully before adopting a name because all and sundry names cannot be allowed. There is a list of undesirable names that cannot be used.  A proposed name will be considered to be undesirable if it is identical with or it too closely resembles the following:

  1. Names of existing companies and LLPs or names approved by the Registrar of Companies and LLPs.
  2. A registered trademark or a trademark for which registration has been applied for and used or owned by others.
  3. Names are given under and violating the Emblems and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act, 1950. Click here to check the names. (See the Schedule)
  4. Foul words or phrases
  5. Words or phrases which are used as a slur and are offensive to a particular group of people.
  6. Names which have the words “British India”.

Generally, just ensure that the names do not violate any laws.

Next fill in your address. See how simple it is.

Step 04: Getting a Section 8 Company Licence for an Existing Company

If you want a license for an existing company, then after selecting the State as “Telangana” and filling in the city name as “Hyderabad”, enter the name of the existing company, its Corporate Identity Number (CIN), and its registered address. Then click “Next”.

Step 05: Director Details

Then select the number of directors that will be appointed to the company. The minimum directors required for a section 8 company are 2 and a maximum of 7. You can click on the small ‘+’ sign to add more directors. Next, fill in the name, address, and State of each director. Next, there are three important details you need to fill in. They are the total capital contribution, the capital contribution ratio of the directors, and the authorized share capital of the company. The total capital contribution means the total amount of capital that the company will start with. The capital contribution ratio refers to the ratio (e.g. 50,000:60,000:20,000 can be represented as 5:6:2) in which the directors have contributed to the capital. Finally, the authorized share capital refers to the maximum capital that the members of the company can contribute.

Step 06: Payment Options

After, click on “Next”, you will be taken to the payments option page. We provide a variety of payment options. You can choose from Net banking (EBS Payment Gateway)/Debit or Credit Card, EMI, Bank Transfer (IMPS, RTGS, NEFT), and your choice of mobile wallet (Mobikwik, PayU, Instamojo). Additionally, you can also pay from your Paytm wallet by speaking to our sales executives on the phone.

Your package will include the following:

The price for a Section 8 Company registration in Hyderabad comprising of 2 directors is Rs.23,999/- but the price for the same for every extra director beyond 2 directors increases by Rs.2000/- per director (includes the cost of Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and Director Identification Number (DIN) for every extra director). You can also apply your valid discount coupon if any. Then click “Next” and you will be directed to the “Billing Details” page.

Section 8 Company Registration in Hyderabad

Step 07: Billing Details:

Please provide your billing details. This is because your billing details might be different from your registration details. After clicking on “Submit”, you will be directed to the appropriate payment gateway for secure payment.

Step 08: Work Completion:

After your payment is successful, your Section 8 Company registration in Hyderabad, the process will start. Then, we shall obtain the DSC and DIN for all directors (if they don’t already have it) and apply for name approval of your Section 8 Company within 3 working days. Once we receive those, we will apply for a license and also obtain the certificate of incorporation and then apply for TAN and PAN cards for your company within 10 working days. We will provide you with the details of your company as soon as we receive them from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and send the company’s TAN and PAN by courier. That’s all folks, your work is complete.

Having understood what needs to be done. Let’s not waste any time. Get your Section 8 Company registration in Hyderabad right now with company registration online.

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