Before discussing documents for the Section 8 company registration process, let’s see a brief about Section 8 company. Section 8 Company is established under the Companies Act which works as charitable and non-profit organizations. The companies incorporated under section 8 company shall enjoy all the benefits and obligations as the Limited Liability Company.

Section 8 Company shall have the following objects:

  • When its objective is to promote and enhance the fields such as art, commerce, science, sports, environmental protection, and fields of such sort.
  • When it applies its profit derived if any to the promotion of such fields.
  • Doesn’t intend to pay its dividend to the members, in such cases the central government may by issuing a license to get that company registered under this act after that the registrar may register such a company under this act.
  • The company registered under this section may enjoy all the obligations of such limited companies.

Documents for Section 8 company registration process

Mentioned below are documents required for the Section 8 company registration process:

  • Under section 7(1) e rule + rule 16:

  1. An id proof ( PAN card any of the IDs: – Aadhar card, passport, driving license ).
  2. Address proof both permanent and present with electricity /telephone/mobile bill etc., which should not be older than 2 months
  3. Disclosure of directorship of other companies with ref. to section 2(69).
  4. Specimen signature with photo duly attested by a notary or a banker.
  • Under section 7(1) rule + rule 15:

  1. Affidavit inform INC-9
  2. Affidavit for now- acceptance of deposits
  • Under section 7(1) rule e + rule 16:

The following things are required from a subscriber :

  1. Educational qualifications
  2. Occupation

The following list of documents are required to be filed by the directors:

  • Affidavit inform INC-9
  • Affidavit for non-acceptance of deposits
  • Consent to act as a director in DIR-2 along with the ID and address proof.
  • Other documents like- mail id, phone number, pan no. , address proof, and the list of the companies of which he is a member.
  • Certificate of commencement of business
  • Certificate of incorporation of a business.

Section 8 Company registration is easy to form and mentioned above are some mandatory requirements for registration.

The list of pre-incorporation procedures to obtain registration of Section 8 Company:

  1. Draft Article of Association – it is a document that includes all the necessary obligations like, responsibilities of the directors, kinds of business to be undertaken, etc.
  2. Draft Memorandum of Association – it is a document that works as the constitution to the company. It provides an outline for the working of the company with outside organizations.
  3. Obtain a DIN no. which is envisaged as per Section 153 with form DIR-3 has to be filled.
  4. Obtain a digital signature that can be applied by the subscriber with any of the DSC vendors.
  5. Apply for a suitable name and draft the MOA and AOA under section 7(1)(a) add their photo, name, address, and occupation in front of a witness.

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