8 Steps to Register a Section 8 Company in Hyderabad

Let us Hyderabadis show some compassion for the poor and the needy. We have a lot to offer to those in need. You can do your bit by organizing yourself into a Section 8 Company and letting loose the warm winds of freedom. Freedom from hunger, freedom from poverty, freedom from poor education. Join LegalRaasta [...]


8 Steps to Register a Section 8 Company in Chennai

Want to help the blind or teach some underprivileged kids? Make LegalRaasta your partner in creating a beautiful tomorrow for those in need. Register Section 8 Company in Chennai today. What is the Procedure to incorporate Section 8 Company?  Application of DSC & DIN: First of all, the partners have to apply for Digital signature [...]

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What is the difference between Chit Fund & Nidhi Company?

Nidhi company is a company registered under section 406 of the companies act 2013 and notifies as a Nidhi company by focal govt. u/s 620A of companies act It is an NBFC doing the business of lending and borrowing with its members and shareholders. A chit store is a sort of saving scheme practiced in [...]

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